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Exhibitor Insight Ep. 6 - ARK Performance at SEMA 2017

Episode 6: ARK Performance

Episode 6 of Exhibitor Insight features ARK Performance, one of the largest leading manufacturing facilities in the Republic of Korea for aftermarket performance products. Founded 15 years ago, their main goal is to design and engineer high quality products that are reliable and proven for all types of professional motor sports and street driving.

ARK's success has been the result of perseverance, loyalty, and wisdom, melded with knowledge, high quality materials, and advances in technology with ISO9001 and QS9000 certifications as a manufacturer. With their increased market share worldwide you can find our products in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and various parts of Asia.

Booth Staffing

In this installment of Exhibitor Insight, we're going to be talking about booth staffing. Choosing the right people to work at your booth is a very crucial component of your trade show success. Here are some helpful tips to help you staff your trade show booth effectively.

Assign Specific Roles and Responsibilities

When choosing the right people to staff for your trade show booth, come up with specific roles you need for your exhibit and then assign them to your employees according to their area of expertise. There are a few different roles that are needed for a trade show: greeters, presenters, and lead gatherers. The greeter is in charge of welcoming attendees into your booth and will most likely be the first person from your team people interact with. They will also be acting as a guide, directing attendees to areas of interest inside the booth and answering any questions they may have. As such, your greeter needs to be enthusiastic and knowledgeable; they're essentially the brand ambassadors of your company. The presenter is in charge of your booth's presentations and demonstrations. They should be skilled public speakers who are charismatic and engaging. Good presenters will keep attendees interested by entertaining and educating them on your company and its capabilities. Finally, the lead gatherer is someone who is skilled at pitching your products/services, acquiring leads, and closing deals. They will be acting as the sales professionals of your booth.

Be Mindful of Body Language and Etiquette

Your staff members are direct representatives of your company. As such, it is extremely important for them to project a very professional appearance at the trade show. Poor hygiene, unkempt appearances, and disheveled attire are some examples of bad presentation that can make your company seem less professional. Body language is a crucial component to consider as well. Your staff members should be appear approachable, friendly, and excited to be there. Actions such as eye contact, smiling, and using polite language can go a long way. Additionally, avoid behaviors such as slouching, fidgeting, or anything else that may resemble apathy.

Have Product Knowledge

We've covered this topic before in another article, but this particular subject is so important that we decided to include it here as well. To read our more in-depth article about this topic, click here. As company representatives and brand ambassadors, it's critical that your staff members know your products like the back of their hand. They should be knowledgeable on every detail, function, and feature of your products, including their strengths and weaknesses. Make sure your staff is able to answer any questions that may arise. Furthermore, it is just as important for your staff to know your competitor's products as much as your own. They should gain knowledge about your competitor's products so that they'll be able to compare the two and give an assessment of which is ultimately better.