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Exhibitor Insight Ep. 11 - Japan Tech at CES 2018

Episode 11: Japan Tech

Here is episode 11 of Exhibitor Insight, the final installment from our time at CES 2018. For the first time ever, CES hosted a pavilion booth of Japanese companies. This pavilion booth, called Japan Tech, was created with the purpose of showcasing Japanese technology to the world as well as inspiring those who are passionate about the future of technology. This project was organized jointly by Daiko Advertising Inc., one of the biggest advertising agencies in Japan, Creative Vision Inc., a CTA official sales representative, and Filament Inc., an open innovation consulting firm. These three companies have joined together to support Japanese firms that face tough hurdles for overseas expansion and also to conduct activities to spread Japan’s advanced technologies to the world. We got a chance to talk with Creative Vision, one of the groups that made this monumental moment possible. Enjoy!

Japan Tech's purpose was to help Japanese companies with state-of-the-art technologies stand on the world stage of CES. The pavilion offered not only an exhibit space, but overall support in planning and PR events as well. This was the first time a collection of Japanese companies exhibited at CES, and the organizers of this project did a great job turning this idea into reality. The 12 companies the made up the pavilion included startup companies represented by DouZen (an honoree of CES 2018 Innovation Awards), Fujiiryoki Co., Ltd. (a company that entered the U.S. market in 2018), Ezaki GLICO CO., LTD. (a company that developed the Japanese version of the Amazon Alexa Skills), PROGRESS TECHNOLOGIES, Inc. (a company that releases innovative e-books in both Japan and the United States), Ricoh Co., Ltd. (a pioneer of 360° cameras for consumer use) and Makuake, Inc. (Japan’s largest cloud funding company), all of which showcased their own technologies and products.

The pavilion was a huge success at CES, and the the organizers of the project will continue working on the development and promotion of future Japanese technologies through JAPAN TECH.