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Exhibitor Insight Ep. 9 - Firstbeat at CES 2018

Episode 9: Firstbeat

In this episode of Exhibitor Insight, we're covering Firstbeat Technologies, the leading provider of physiological analytics for sports and well-being. Their work focuses on transforming heartbeat data into personalized information about exercise, stress, and recovery. Firstbeat was founded in 2002 in Jyväskylä, which is the hub of sports sciences of Finland with the University and physiology labs. Their mission is to use physiology and science to unlock human potential in health, performance and productivity.

Firstbeat has developed revolutionary analytics technology that creates a digital model of user’s physiology through advanced modelling of heart function and heart rate variability (HRV). The background of Firstbeat is in exercise and physiological sciences and their products are based on physiology research.

Being Proactive

Matt's advice for exhibitors in this video is to be "proactive in the pursuit of building relationships", and we couldn't agree more. When you're at a trade show, one of your motives is to engage with as many attendees as possible and to build meaningful relationships. Exhibiting is very similar to the art of sales, and just like in sales, you need to take the initiative and be more proactive in your endeavors. Here's a list of ways you can be proactive to lock down leads.

  • Be welcoming and greet to attendees as they walk towards your booth
  • Avoid checking your cell phone
  • Have an open and inviting posture
  • Dress in an inviting manner and smile
  • Offer free items (such as handing out promotional products in an effort to collect business cards) as attendees are about to pass by your booth
  • Avoid sitting down
  • Always use the prospect's name as you greet them and speak with them (makes them feel important)
  • Follow-up with leads as soon as the show ends

Taking the Initiative Before, During, and After the Show

Being a proactive exhibitor means realizing that your biggest competition at the show is time. Attendees simply don’t have the time to visit every single booth that's at the show. Therefore, you should invite them to your booth before the show even starts, and offer attendees an interesting and relevant gift, experience, demonstration, or benefit for visiting you at the show. You don't want to be the passive exhibitor who's waiting hopefully for visitors to show up; you want to take initiative and do everything you can to gather attendees to your booth and maximize your time there. Additionally, being proactive doesn't simply stop at the show. Once the show is over, you should forward the leads you acquired to the appropriate sales person, prioritized by need and urgency. Try to rank your leads by quality and potential, and send over their information so your sales team can effectively follow-up after the show. You definitely don't want your hard-earned leads to go to waste.