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Exhibitor Insight Ep. 3 - NRG Innovations at SEMA 2017

Episode 3: NRG Innovations

Episode 3 of Exhibitor Insight has arrived! In this installment, we got a chance to connect with the people behind NRG Innovations. NRG is a company that prides themselves for not only being enthusiast operated, but founded by car lovers and pioneers of the growing scene. Having been founded in 2003, they've attended countless races, shows, meets, and even hold their own Annual Drift Matsuri Event. They make automotive aftermarket products such as steering wheels, quick releases, and short hubs, and are always keeping up with the latest innovations within the industry.

Product Knowledge

Know Your Product

In this episode of Exhibitor Insight, Jason brings up the important notion of "knowing your product". As an exhibitor, as well as a representative of your company, it is imperative that you know the products you're exhibiting like the back of your hand. Be knowledgeable on every detail, function, and feature of your products, including their strengths and weaknesses. Information such as when, where, and how to use your products need to be relayed to the attendees if you intend to capture their attention and interest. You're going to be serving as a credible and reliable source of information. Attendees walking by will not intuitively know that your product is good; they will need to be educated. Tell them why your product is the best and why it will serve them better than your competitors.

Know Your Competitor's Product

Furthermore, it is just as important to know your competitor's products as well as your own. Gain knowledge about your competitor's products so that you'll be able to compare the two and give an assessment of which is ultimately better. Don't skew the information either as that might be detrimental to you and your company's credibility. Try to give honest answers by bringing up the pros and cons of each product.


When talking about your products, be sure to discuss it with passion and enthusiasm. Product knowledge is one thing, but adding a genuine emotional connection to it will definitely give you an edge. Attendees and consumers will respond positively if they can sense your passion towards the product. On that same note, if they can sense that you're not excited about your own product, they will respond negatively and the chances of them being interested are slim to none.


Another way to effectively exhibit your product is to give a demonstration. Seeing your product in action will not only provide attendees an idea of how it works, but how WELL it works, too. Doing so will boost your credibility, as they will be able to see firsthand if what you said about the product is true. Product demonstrations are also a great way to attract crowds, invite conversation/interaction, and increase company exposure. The way a product is showcased will essentially shape how someone will perceive it. As such, it’s extremely important to have a demonstrator who can make the product appear dynamic and interesting, but at the same time not come off as a sleazy salesman that will make people walk right on by. The individual talking about the product must also be able to integrate the brand’s unique messaging into the demonstration itself so that the company won't be forgotten.