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Corporate Solutions

Corporate Solutions

Corporate Solutions

How to maintain workplace interactions with social distance can be a headache for many corporations. With our partition systems, you can add extra protection to your workspace. Our modular, configurable system allows possibilities for conversions and makes setup rearrangement possible to accommodate to any future’s needs.

Protective Shield

Our sneeze guard is a perfect addition in any business setting. It provides additional safety for reception desks wherever employees are in personal face-to-face contact with visitors and clients. It is customizable and fits perfectly for different locations, desktops, countertops or even hanging from ceiling. The protective shield can be freestanding or being installed into existing facilities.

Partition System

For open-plan office solutions, we provide construction and installation service for partition and divider system to maintain the internal communication with safe distance. System can be designed as standing alone or configurable to fulfill your needs. Our team can also tailor protective add-on for your existing cubicle workspace. Clear screen and frosted screen options available to fit different purposes.

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