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Hospital Solutions

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Hospital Solutions

Numerous doctors and healthcare professionals are risking their lives days and nights to safeguard our health. AMG is also here to help by utilizing our trusted project management skills. We are providing a collection of preventative solutions to help hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and other healthcare providers to adjust to this severe situation.

Non-contact Medical Divider

The non-contact divider allows your healthcare providers to provide discreet, confidential care in a clean environment. It serves as an effective barrier for physical and airborne spread of germs. The collapsible partition can be placed in straight line and folded to form a corner or room. Castors give flexibility and mobility while being transported to different locations. From dimensions to shapes and features, we can tailor for your needs.

Aerosol Box

Performing intubation on a patient with known or suspected COVID-19 is an extremely high-risk medical procedure. The aerosol box can significantly lower the health safety risk for medical professionals and patients. Material used can be sanitized with alcohol disinfectant to curb the spread of virus.

Sneeze Guard

We are also providing mobile plexiglass panels for registration areas and other patient interaction areas to help mitigate the spread of the virus. Material used can be sanitized with alcohol disinfectant. Panels are easy to remove and re-install between shift cleanings, providing a clean and safe environment at all time.

Temporary Structure and Partition Stystem

With the unprecedented demand for enhanced separation between individuals, installing temporary structure would be practical addition. Our modular structure is designed to allow flexibility for conversions and expansions. The partition can be reassembled to offer application possibilities for other purposes. Our team provides turnkey service – from planning, designing, constructing and installing - to fulfill your needs.

Our room system can segregate areas to avoid overcrowding. It can serves as an emergency shelter that allows medical staff to take care of patients while providing privacy during overflow. Our divider system is developed to be reconfigurable to navigate the ever-developing situations.

Drive-thru Testing Facility

Driving-thru testing facility enables medical workers to safely test patients in a contained environment. The structure can relief the pressure of constant flow of new patients, and meanwhile reduce the risk of virus spreading during critical times. From triage tents to quarantine areas, drive-thru test sites, we have got you covered.