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Pilot Automotive at SEMA & AAPEX 2018

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Pilot Automotive (SEMA)

As always, Pilot Automotive is covering all their bases and exhibiting at both the SEMA and AAPEX show. Pilot has a strong presence at SEMA every year; their massive 50x50 exhibit sits right in front of the entrance to Central Hall. It's the first booth attendees see when they walk into the convention center, so of course the exhibit had to be impressionable. We designed Pilot's exhibit to be grand, masculine, and modern in appearance, while integrating their display products seamlessly into the space. The giant backwall contains branded logos, a large LED screen, and a display case full of high-end rims that spans the entire length of the wall. The LED screen is actually comprised of 40 miniature screens, each being 480x480mm in size. The inside of the display case was originally made black to match the color scheme of the exhibit, but was later changed to white in order to create a contrast and make the products pop. Pilot's insane show cars were a huge part of the exhibit as well and acted as the main attention-grabbers. Finally, a simple couch and table set was stationed in the very center of the exhibit to provide a casual environment for chitchat.

Pilot Automotive (AAPEX)

Pilot's AAPEX booth took a very different approach compared to its SEMA counterpart. For one, this exhibit decided to go with an all white color scheme, which exudes a more mellow and serene atmosphere. This booth is also more product focused compared to the SEMA exhibit, which focused more on presenting a strong brand image and atmosphere. Heavily inspired by the layout and design of Apple stores, this exhibit incorporates multiple tables full of product that attendees can check out and interact with. By incorporating a simple and clean layout, Pilot can focus more on objectives such as product presentation and customer interaction.