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Exhibitor Insight Ep. 17 - King Auto TPMS at SEMA 2018

Episode 17: King Auto TPMS

Episode 17 of Exhibitor Insight features Steve from King Auto TPMS at SEMA 2018. This is their first year exhibiting at SEMA, and it’s also their first appearance in the US. It’s always wonderful to see how small businesses from other countries start up in the US! We were proud to provide King Auto TPMS a beautiful corner 10 x 10 booth for their first trade show experience in the United States. Their starring product was a tire-pressure monitoring system specially designed for big vehicles like trucks and buses.

Tips For Your First Trade Show

1. Register As Early As Possible
Don’t push it to the last minute! Make your registration right away to take advantage of early-bird pricing, so that you will be more prepared for any surprise expenses down the line. Early registration also provides you more time for planning.

2. Determine Your Audience and Goals
Before many trade shows, attendee lists are available in advance. Do your research to figure out which attendees may be interested in your business, and send them a short introductory email before the trade show. Consider reaching out to encourage them to stop by your booth.

3. Prepare Your Team and Product Demos
We can’t emphasize enough how important your team is in a trade show. Your employees should have basic training to communicate efficiently with the attendees. If you don’t have a team, then you might start thinking about contracting an event staffing agency that has experience working in trade shows. Beware that the people working your booth will be the face of your business. That’s why it’s essential to have a friendly, professional, motivated, and outgoing group to represent your company.

4. Work With A Professional Exhibit Designer
Having a booth in a trade show is a huge deal, especially if it is your first time. Considering that you have no trade show experience, working with AMG will help you save your energy and budget. Tell us your goals and expectations; we will come up with the best solutions.

5. Analyze Your Leads and Follow Up
Your tasks are not over even after the trade show. Now it is time to go through all the leads you got at your booth during the show and follow up with them as soon as possible. Quickly get the materials appropriate to each lead post-show and promptly get your best leads into the hands of the right salespeople.

6. Share On Social Media
Congratulations on your first trade show and now it is time to share your photos, videos, interviews, and insights with your audience. Sharing your show experience on social media will also help you with the following up with the leads.