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Exhibitor Insight Ep. 4 - PAPAGO Inc. at SEMA 2017

Episode 4: PAPAGO Inc.

Exhibitor Insight Episode 4 is now live, and this time we're chatting with PAPAGO Dash Cameras! PAPAGO Inc. was established in Taipei, Taiwan in 2001; with more than 10 years GPS related background both in software and hardware. PAPAGO! Inc. has become the leading brand in Taiwan, China, Russia, South East Asia, Japan, Australia, and now America. Being a pioneer in the car dashcam market, PAPAGO! Inc. for years has dedicated itself to promising drivers the most comfortable and safest journeys when driving on the road. Safety meets technology to provide drivers and sports enthusiasts a high-tech experience when capturing their life in HD.

Atmosphere and Ambiance

One of the best ways to attract wandering attendees into your exhibit and generate leads is by having a warm and welcoming booth atmosphere. Just as Jorge mentions in the video, the ambiance and atmosphere of your booth is very vital to the entire operation. As an exhibitor, you want to create a space that both captures the attention of attendees passing by AND invokes a sense of comfort that makes them feel inclined to stay and chat.

4 Ways to Improve Ambiance

There are a number of different techniques you can implement to improve your booth's overall ambiance. Here are 4 aspects of your exhibit you can utilize to transform it into a memorable experience for exhibitors and attendees alike.


The layout of your exhibit structure should be both visible and accessible to the attendees of the show. The goal, obviously, is to have people come to your booth so it would be best if your layout was as inviting as possible. The best design is a simple one. It can be tempting to customize your booth layout in a very extravagant and flashy manner, but the main focus of the exhibit space should be functionality. It can be very counter-productive to have a booth that's cluttered and hard to navigate through, which is why we recommend a simple but effective design.


Another key element in establishing a welcoming atmosphere for your booth is the lighting. Often overlooked, lighting plays a huge part in setting your booth's mood and overall look. Good lighting can make your exhibit seem professional and high in quality. Furthermore, it is a great attention-grabber and does a fantastic job of accentuating the products you're showcasing.


Music is a detail of your booth that deserves a lot of thought and planning. When it comes to music selection, there's many different elements to take into consideration. Things like what type of show you're at, where the show is located, the size of the show, and the demographic of the attendees should all play a part in your music selection process. At a large convention center, for example, it wouldn't be a good idea to blast music at a high volume as the show is already quite loud itself, and the added noise will only serve as a distraction to the attendees. If you were to play calm and soothing music, however, that may give your booth a sense of comfort, which will attract attendees and prompt them to stay and chat.


Last, but not least, is your staff. The most influential factor of any booth is the staff. They serve as direct representatives and brand ambassadors of your company, and it is their duty to bring your exhibit to life. In terms of improving a booth's ambiance and overall energy, the people working there will be the ultimate deciding factor. As such, it is imperative that you bring people who are excited, sociable, and engaging. They also need to be extremely knowledgeable about your company and its products.