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SEMA and AAPEX are two of the most iconic and biggest global automotive tradeshows. The annual shows feature over 5,000 automotive specialty equipment and aftermarket manufacturers, and in 2019 the shows attracted nearly 162,000 buyers and automotive professionals from 126 countries. This year, we were thrilled to work with 10 clients to complete their tradeshow experience. Most importantly, we strived to find the display solutions that fits their needs the most and helped to maximize their branding in distinct ways.

TAITRA - Taiwan Excellence

First up is TAITRA, the foremost non-profit organization based in Taiwan committed to promoting foreign trade for Taiwan businesses and enhancing their global competitiveness. AMG collaborated with 17 Design Co. to create this eye-catching exhibit. The booth incorporated the outer shape of a vehicle to make the theme “Automotive Electronics” pop. Congratulations TAITRA for receiving the Best of Show Award, and we are honored to be part of this amazing project.

CUB Elecparts Inc.

Next up is CUB Elecparts Inc., a leading provider specializing in automotive electronic and electrical parts. The LED-illuminated wall was a highlight of the booth design and succeeded to attract traffic from the tradeshow floor.

Here’s another booth CUB Elecparts Inc. The corporate color was fully deployed throughout the design to strengthen brand awareness. The rotating hanging display was attention-grabbing and added dynamics to the booth.

The Wheel Group

Headquartered in Ontario, California, The Wheel Group is a manufacturer and distributor with over 45 years of experience specializing in aftermarket automotive wheels and accessories. Rather than adopting a traditional way to showcase products, we made them mounted on the display walls. In this way, the vast collection of wheels was more visible from afar and the features of each wheel could be better compared at a glance. A private meeting room was also incorporated to serve different purposes.

Body Armor 4X4

Body Armor 4X4 is a company with a mission to provide high-quality automotive parts and innovative solutions to its clients. The reception desk was a perfect addition to the booth. It facilitated conversation and made the whole exhibit more approachable and welcoming.

Uniauto Inc.

Founded in 1983, Uniauto Inc. is committed to its business of providing high-grade wheel parts, accessories and technologies. The counters were great for displaying a variety of merchandise and captured the attention of potential buyers.

U Ace Inc.

U Ace Inc. is located in Fontana, California and is an innovative, award-winning designer of automotive accessories. Several lightboxes were arranged at different spots – either as a display background or being integrated as parts of the display racks – to bright up the whole booth and highlight product features.

Pilot Automotive

Applying cutting-edge technologies, Pilot Automotive provides a vast array of automotive accessories. The LED backdrop turned their booth a traffic magnet, making their brand highly visible from a distance and creating a vibrant image.

Meiji Air Compressor

Based in Japan, Meiji Air Compressor is a pioneer in the air technique field and strives to build a stronger community by improving product quality and developing innovative technology. It was a pleasure for us to collaborate with Creative Visions to create this booth. The booth was designed to be clean and neat to transfer attention on the collections on display and unfold potential business opportunities.

VMS - True Spike

VMS Racing is a professional aftermarket parts manufacturer with a commitment of providing high-quality performance products and accessories. In their booth, the brand identity was embodied to enforce brand recognition. Column counters were utilized to display product offerings in a more accessible way.