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Inspiring Trade Show Giveaway Ideas: A 2021 Version

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With hundreds and thousands of competitors, both direct and indirect ones, all on the same tradeshow floor, making your exhibition stand out and memorable is always the key to success. Eye-catching exhibits, clearly stated messages, interactive show experience, and dedicated follow-up are all the techniques that can present and showcase your brand in a distinct way.

Giving away some promotional material like flyers and gifts in tandem with the mentioned techniques is also prevalent at conventions. Studies have shown that nearly 85% of tradeshow attendees will remember the brands that gave them swags. Indeed, a well-selected, well-made giveaway can be beneficial in various aspects. First, it can draw in-booth traffic and allow your brand to be exposed to as many people as possible. The promotional gift sparks conversations which can ramp up into more in-depth business discussions. Finally, if you are distributing something that people would actually keep and use, you have opened up a new world of opportunities exposing your brand prominently and making prospects more likely to consider your products or services.

However, sometimes swags can end up in the trash - it’s not hard to figure out! To help you to get the best return on investment, we have compiled a list of giveaway ideas for 2021. Browse through it and hope you can get inspired for how to ace your next in-person marketing event that leaves a lasting impression!

Contactless Tool

The first thing we are prompt to suggest is the touch tool. This compact but powerful gadget allows attendees to navigate the new normal at ease. The small device can be used to press, pull, or turn objects easily, without the risks of contacting highly touched surfaces. Plus, people can simply attach this portable tool to their keychains, and your brand can be exposed more frequently.

WebCam Cover

The Covid has accelerated the global shift in meetings and events. More and more in-person interaction has now moved to virtual implementations. That makes WebCam Cover a potential marketing win because what you are giving goes beyond a freebie but more privacy and security protection. The litter device comes in handy especially when you accidentally turn on the webcam feature when you don’t intend to, or when your laptop has been hacked.

Something Related to Health

Another big change resulting from the pandemic may be the rising awareness of living a healthier life. People are more attentive to food intake, exercising, and social life. Health-related items make themselves a perfect gifting option! Branded water bottles, fitness-use resistance bands, neck gaiter, to name just a few - All can be an effective way to boost the ROI with health and wellness top of mind.

Above just are some of the gifting ideas for you to start brainstorming. What is even more important is to master the entire giveaway strategy! Below we are also listing some tips to track, assess and analyze your plan.

Social Media

Be attentive to your social media channels after the show and note any increases in profile views and followers. Also, compare the interaction level before and after your exhibition.

Website Searches

Examine the statistics of organic search entries, page views numbers, and website traffic, live chat usage, etc. to see if your brand has been exposed to a large target group.

Information Collection

If possible, try to encourage attendees to leave their business cards or exchange contact information while the giveaway is implemented. The more contacts you obtain, the more potential opportunities it lies.

Giveaways, if appropriately used, can be a powerful tool to amplify the whole show experience. Plan it ahead with your marketing team, event management coordinators, or booth builder for optimal outcomes. Also, feel free to let us know if there is anything that we can help with!