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Featured A Checklist for A Safe Exhibition

A Checklist for A Safe Exhibition

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We know how frustrating it could be to see your shows got canceled or rescheduled since the COVID outbreak. Still, thankfully this year, tradeshows start making a comeback as many positive signs indicated. What makes this comeback - your exhibition to be specific - unique is that you are not merely showcasing your brand, service, or products at the tradeshow floor, but also how you act to protect the community's health and install confidence into every single attendee who walks into your booth.

With health and safety, the all-time top priority, in mind, the following checklist is designed for reference as your organization is planning for your next in-person events.

Pre-event Preparation

  • Keep your team in the loops of the up-to-date guidelines, protocols, and practices from the venue where you are exhibiting.
  • Ensure booth staff understand their specific role not just in marketing but how to collaborate to promote a safe and healthy in-booth environment for everyone as well.
  • Understand the preventive measures taken by the event organizer, such as temperature-taking and the set-ups of sanitizing stations, so that you can avoid duplicating efforts.
  • Prepare proper PPE, including masks, disinfectant products, and sanitizing materials.

On-site Activities

  • Implement on-site health safety procedures for attendance.
  • Communicate with your audience via social media channels to let them know where you are exhibiting and the safety measures that you are taking in your exhibit space.
  • Strictly enforce social distancing and other safety measures to deliver ease of mind. Attendees will feel at ease about visiting your booth and communicating with your staff.
  • Utilize contactless alternatives for engagement with booth visitors, such as digital displays and multimedia devices.
  • Consider going virtual for in-depth or extended conversations, and make good use of video chats to make both parties as relaxed as possible during discussions. If in-booth discussions are necessary, consider using sneeze guards or physical barriers to instill confidence.

Post-event Follow-up

  • Distribute post-event survey about the safety practices that were implemented in the booth and get feedback from the participants.
  • Keep abreast of any post-event outbreaks or incidents inside the event facility that could potentially affect the health of your team.
  • Write a Thank you note to all participants and attendees for their joint efforts maintaining a healthy and safe business environment.

It's not all doom and gloom! Alternatively, let's see this "new normal" with a positive outlook and embrace the changes which are actually shaping new opportunities. If you're ready to plan your next shows, we're here to help and listen to your concerns! Reach out TODAY!