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Select a Prime Booth Location for Your Upcoming Tradeshow Event

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Among all determining factors, the retail space location is of the utmost importance to a business. A prime location positively contributes to a company’s public presence, walk-in traffic, sales conversion, etc. The principle applies the same way in convention halls. A well-located booth allows your company to enhance brand visibility, attract foot traffic, and cultivate conversations, all adding to a successful face-to-face marketing campaign. However, selecting the right booth location can become a struggle for some exhibitors, especially for those attending for the first time. We are going to share some tips and ideas here in this post and try to help you pivot an impactful exhibition.

Stay Near the Entrances for Greatest Visibility

Entrances are always the most-congested areas that witness the massive influx of attendees. Securing your booth space adjacent to the entrances allows you to capture the visitors’ attention and arouse their interest to see your companies are showcasing and know more about the brand. Booth design incorporating innovative, eye-catching elements also complements the selected exhibit spot and wins people over a first impression.

Second-tier Locations that Worth Considering

For organizations with a limited budget yet want to grab attention as much as possible, some spots near other high-traffic areas are ideal places to invest. First, locate the high-traffic intersections or the major avenues that usually grabbed the most attraction. The easier way to think of is to look at where well-known brands and event sponsors locate. Those companies are generally the spotlights on the tradeshow floor and having your booth nearby gives you the chance to obtain some of those spotlights.

Location close to F&B service points, dining and rest areas, and restrooms are good alternatives if you are not able to secure the space as mentioned earlier. Those are the ideal choice to grab the needed attention.

Choose and Secure Your Spots as Early as Possible

That’s always the golden rule, especially when you are attending a popular convention. Companies usually get in earlier to reserve their exhibit space and buy themselves some more time to get well prepared for all the associated planning. Plus, another benefit is they will be entitled to an early bird discount by enrolling earlier. Therefore, if you want to have some decision-making for the booth location, book early before your preferred spots get booked out.

Always Consider Budget and Know Your Goal

Even though exhibit location is a big thing, strategically managing your budget is another crucial factor in success. Prime locations always associate with additional costs on displays, staffing, or logistics, which the final bill may end up going beyond your budget level. In that case, there is no harm going for secondary location choices where you can still amplify our exhibition presence in a different way. Well-designed displays can also attract traffics, and the focus on exhibitor-attendee interactions with sufficient staffing is an intelligent strategy. Plus, always ask what your goals for exhibiting are and which the priority is. Such questions guide you to allocate budget strategically and enjoy your convention in the meantime.