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Covid-19 Solutions | Barbershop & Nail Salons Protection

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Barbershop & Nail Salons Protection

As more and more hair and nail salons are allowed to reopen for businesses, many owners may be struggling with how to comply with local planning and zoning regulations meanwhile maintaining their regular operation. We are collecting some cool ideas to help you better visualize what social distance measures you may adapt to.

Reception & Lounge Area

First impressions are everything! You always want to leave a great, standout impression for potential customers. Make sure your reception setting grab that first opportunity to make them feel like they have come to the right place and will get their needs met. In the face of an epidemic, your reception area will be expected to have some dividers between employees and customers to implement safe distancing. A clear sneeze guard will come in handy in this circumstance. It is ideal to protect both sides while still allowing interactions. The installation of such a protective shield can also exhibit your commitment to safety and build a sense of trust in customers. Sneeze guard normally comes with different shapes, countertop freestanding, hanging, straight, u-shaped, printed logo frame, etc., and you can always find the styles that fit your interior design the most.

The next section is a lounge where customers can wait for their appointments or wait until their friends are done with their hairdressing and nail services. If your salon does not have this distinct area yet, it would be a great time to consider having one. Such an area allows you to separate patrons with different needs and ensure them to keep a safe distance. To bring this concept to life, you do not necessarily need to put any walls up, instead simply place some freestanding partitions can make that happen.

Styling Station

If your styling station is equipped with modular, moveable furniture, you can separate the compartments or adjust their placement to be six-feet apart. Doing that can enable patrons to maintain a safe distance with one another, and meanwhile can keep their mind and body at ease while receiving services. If your styling station cannot be moved to keep the desired distance, you may consider setting up some protective barriers. According to your needs, you can select tabletop sneeze guards, floor freestanding partitions, or combining both solutions. Always consult your divider provider to understand what surface materials, shapes, and textures options that you can choose from. Clear acrylic is designed to provide sufficient sturdiness meanwhile creating visual clarity in the open space. You may opt for frosted/opaque material for extra privacy. If you are looking for some stylish accent, try some textured material of your choice, like wood, metal, decorative glass, etc. Besides placing partitions, you can also introduce some lighter intervention, like plants, lighting fixtures, and displays, to separate spaces.