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Defining the Future of Event Marketing for a Post-Pandemic World

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The Future of Tradeshow Marketing

Practicing social distancing poses unprecedented challenges to the face-to-face marketing industry. Now more than ever, our industry needs to think out of the box to marshal its resources to accomplish the same objectives safely and effectively. As we live through this global description as a new normal, we will be witnessing a new trend of maintaining touchless but still engaging customer interaction. Here, we gather some ideas that you may find useful in navigating the changes.

Video Wall – Make it Interactive

Multimedia is a game changer to shape your branding effectively while eliminating the possibilities of common area contacts. Besides, it is a vivid combination of visualization and sound effects to attract attention afar on the show floor.

Product Display – Keep Key Messaging

Creative product display is another way to deliver uncompromised experiential marketing. Displaying your product creatively allows the individual product to speak for themselves and the brand. Overhead elements, graphics, and lighting also plays complementary roles in the creation of a dynamic booth environment.

Empty Space – Create Reassuring Experience

The importance of leaving some empty space in your booth is always neglected. It’s not just beneficial for implementing safe social distancing, but for the good of enhancing the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Sparing extra room for movement secures attendees ease of mind and translates their attention to business opportunities.

Space Separation – Promote Crowd Control

In the past, plenty of hustle and bustle in booth space is preferable, as it helps the exhibitor’s booth to appear lively and creates a buzz in the exhibition hall. However, amid the epidemic, conducting effective crowd control would be a key to success. To that end, exhibitors can utilize divider elements embracing functionalities and aesthetics to create a comfy but secured environment for the attendees.